About Us

About Us

Empower private practices,
enrich patient health

At Kiwi Health, built by Klarity, we empower independent practices by providing accessible, affordable, and technologically advanced products and services. By providing cutting-edge technologies and top-notch practice support services, we help healthcare providers to unlock their full potential.

We partner with top healthcare and technology businesses to make your practice management easier

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Our story

Our story

In 2020, as COVID-19 deepened a national mental health crisis, we saw a clear mission: to connect mental health providers with patients urgently seeking care. Exceeding expectations, Klarity has since achieved a remarkable 1500% year-over-year growth and facilitated over 300,000 appointments.

The secret to our success lies in providing affordable, user-friendly technology and services that enhance patient engagement, care coordination, trust and compliance, provider branding, transparent pricing, and practice operations. This success not only highlights the efficacy of our approach but also underscores the vast gaps in healthcare resources.

Motivated by this realization, the Klarity team has further developed Kiwi Health, leveraging Klarity's proven tools and strategies. Kiwi Health is designed specifically for independent practices, offering them the same powerful resources that propelled Klarity's success, but with significant enhancements and at a fraction of the cost.

Kiwi Health is more than a solution; it's a commitment. It lets providers focus on what they do best – caring for patients – while we handle the marketing and administrative load. Our goal? To empower practices to grow, to thrive, to excel.

Our milestones

Beginning as a nimble startup in 2020, Klarity embarked on an ambitious path, rapidly evolving into a trailblazer in healthcare innovation by 2023.


Klarity was founded in Los Angeles, initially helping ADHD patients to find care solutions.


Klarity grew to support over 100 licensed providers across 20+ states.


Klarity expanded to work with providers who are specialized in all major mental health categories, supported over 150k visits. Headquarter moved to the Silicon Valley.


Klarity launched Kiwi Health to empower independent practices to thrive, supported 300+ healthcare practices across 40+ states.

Our impact
Over the years, we have supported 300+ healthcare practices across 40+ states, facilitated 300k+ health visits and impacted the quality of lives of over 30k+ patients. We’ve partnered with dozens of types of credential holders, including NPs, PAs, MDs, DOs, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, etc., helping them grow their own patient bases as part-time providers to eventually build successful private practices. 
Our impact
Our mission 
Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals to create and grow successful practices, making a significant impact on patient lives, achieving financial independence, and maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance. We simplify practice management and growth, freeing providers to focus on their true calling: delivering exceptional care and forging paths to personal and community well-being.
Our mission 
Providers we have worked with
  • Nurse practitioners (PMHNP, FNP, etc)
  • Physician associates (PA)
  • Medical doctors (MD)
  • Doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO)
  • Mental health counselors (LMHC, LCMHC, LMHP, LPMHC, etc)
  • Clinical social workers (LCSW, LICSW, LISW, LICSW, etc)
  • Marriage & family therapists (LMFT, LCMFT, LIMFT, etc)
  • Professional counselors (LPC, LPCC, LCPC, etc)
Providers we have worked with

What providers are saying about Kiwi Health

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Our solutions

Practice growth

Supercharge the growth of your independent practice by building your own brand.


Grow new patients by joining our multi-specialty provider appointment booking platform. It’s like Zocdoc, without charging you for each appointment booked.

EHR system

Run your appointment, charting, notes, patient engagement, prescription all in our state-of-the-art EHR system, for free.

Virtual front desk

Your dedicated virtual receptionist manages all communications so you never miss a patient call.

Medical billing operation

Made your insurance billing operations extremely simple; we handle the insurance conversation for you to allow you to focus on care quality.

Compliance support

Compliance documentation, advisory, and software to help you stay on-top-of regulation changes and risk mitigation, so you could practice with ease of mind.

Our investors

We are proudly invested by highly reputed institutional and personal investors
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Our team