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Enhancing Therapy Practice: The Power of Integrating Good Therapy with Kiwi Health’s Channel Store

Enhancing Therapy Practice: The Power of Integrating Good Therapy with Kiwi Health’s Channel Store

By Kiwi Health

Published: Sep 22, 2023

Table of contents

Innovation is the key to transformative change in the ever-evolving therapy process and mental health support landscape. 

Imagine a world where therapy practice isn’t just good—it’s exceptional. Welcome to the frontier of mental health care, where traditional therapeutic approaches seamlessly meld with cutting-edge technology. 

At the end of the day, every therapist wants a positive outcome and a client with fewer depressive symptoms from the day they started their healing journey.

So today, we embark on a journey to explore the profound impact of integrating “Good Therapy” with Kiwi Health’s Channel Store. 

Buckle up as we unveil a new era in psychotherapy practice that harnesses the power of digital tools for professional medical listing management and enhancing therapy outcomes and the well-being of individuals and communities. 

The Benefits of Being Listed on Online Therapy Channels

Being listed on online therapy channels offers therapists and mental health professionals several significant benefits. 

In an increasingly digital world, these platforms provide a unique opportunity to expand one’s practice and reach a broader audience. 

Here are some key advantages:

Increased Visibility

Online therapy channels allow therapists to showcase their expertise and services to a global audience. This increased visibility can attract clients who might not have found them through traditional means.

Wider Client Base

By being listed on online therapy channels, therapists can tap into a more extensive client base. They can connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, locations, and demographics, thus expanding their practice beyond local boundaries.

Convenience for Clients

According to a study by the University of Zurich, online counseling sessions have become very popular these days.

Undoubtedly, online therapy channels provide clients with convenient access to mental health services. This is especially valuable for individuals who may have mobility issues, live in remote areas, or prefer the anonymity and comfort of virtual sessions.

Flexible Scheduling

Therapists can offer more flexible scheduling options through online therapy channels, accommodating clients from different time zones and those with busy lifestyles. This flexibility can improve client retention and satisfaction.

Cost-Efficient Marketing

Online platforms often offer cost-effective marketing options, allowing therapists to reach a targeted audience without significant advertising expenses.

Access to Diverse Tools

Many online therapy channels offer a range of digital tools and resources that can enhance therapy sessions, such as secure messaging, video conferencing, and virtual worksheets.

Increased Professional Network

These channels often connect therapists with a broader professional network, enabling collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and potential referrals from other mental health professionals.

Data and Analytics

Online platforms may provide therapists with valuable data and analytics, helping them track the performance of their online presence and make informed adjustments to their practice.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Some online therapy channels offer access to continuing education and training resources, helping therapists stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.

Client Reviews and Feedback

Online platforms often include features for clients to leave reviews and feedback. With more people finding satisfaction with online therapy sessions, positive reviews can build trust and credibility, attracting more clients to a therapist’s practice.


Being on online therapy channels allows therapists to adapt to changing circumstances, such as the increased demand for virtual services during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Outreach

Therapists can make a global impact by offering their expertise and support to clients worldwide, contributing to improving mental health on a broader scale.

What is Good Therapy, and Why Should You Consider It?

There are a wide variety of channels that are available online today. 

Here’s what you need to know about Good Therapy:

  • GoodTherapy is a valuable resource for individuals seeking mental health support, therapists, counselors, and treatment centers.
  • It simplifies finding qualified therapists for those dealing with mental health, behavioral, or relationship issues.
  • GoodTherapy’s mission is to connect individuals worldwide with dedicated mental health professionals.
  • Embracing a very integrative perspective, members benefit from services like referrals, nationally recognized continuing education, publication opportunities, marketing support, performance tracking, and personalized assistance.
  • Listing one’s practice with GoodTherapy can enhance visibility and reach a broader audience.
  • GoodTherapy believes that anyone can achieve healing, personal growth, and positive change with guidance and support.
  • Whether seeking or providing mental health services, GoodTherapy aims to be the ideal destination for your needs.

Getting Listed on GoodTherapy with Kiwi Health

Are you a therapist looking to expand your reach and make it easier for clients to find you on GoodTherapy? 

Kiwi Health has the solution you’ve been searching for. Our partnership with GoodTherapy opens doors to a hassle-free and effective online therapy practice experience.

Here’s how Kiwi Health can help you get listed and noticed:

Enhanced Visibility

When you partner with Kiwi Health, you gain access to premium subscriptions on GoodTherapy. This means that your profile can appear among the first when potential clients search for therapists in your area. You no longer need to worry about deciphering complex algorithms or spending endless hours trying to rank higher – your name will already be prominently displayed.

Budget-Friendly Options

Kiwi Health is committed to supporting therapists on their journey to GoodTherapy. Our channel listings, which also include Zocdoc, WebMD, and Psychology Today, come with budget-friendly discounts, making the sign-up experience not only effortless but also cost-effective. We understand that starting or maintaining a practice can be financially challenging, and our aim is to ease that burden.

Simplified Process

With Kiwi Health, the process of getting listed on GoodTherapy becomes straightforward. We provide you with the tools and resources needed to create a compelling profile that resonates with potential clients. You can focus on showcasing your expertise and unique approach to therapy while we take care of the technicalities.

Maximum Exposure

By harnessing the power of Kiwi Health’s partnership with GoodTherapy, you can ensure maximum exposure to a wide range of clients actively seeking therapy services. This exposure can help you build a robust client base, form a strong therapeutic relationship, and make a meaningful impact in your field.

In summary, Kiwi Health’s collaboration with GoodTherapy is designed to empower therapists like you who seek positive outcomes.

We offer premium subscriptions that boost your visibility on the platform, all while ensuring that your sign-up experience remains affordable and hassle-free. 

With Kiwi Health’s support, you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional therapy – and leave the rest to us.

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