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Leveraging Patient Reviews to Boost Your Healthcare Practice: Why and How?

Leveraging Patient Reviews to Boost Your Healthcare Practice: Why and How?

By Kiwi Health

Published: Sep 22, 2023

Table of contents

Before the mid-2000s, a word about your business wouldn’t spread as quickly as it can today. 

With the surge in social media usage, people share their thoughts and opinions on many businesses in a snap. Word travels in lightspeed nanoseconds, reaching your eyes in front of your screen.

When clients leave your practice, they can jot down their experience on Google reviews or other platforms, which can be helpful for other potential clients. 

So, if you’re already listed on Google, Bing, or other platforms, how can you ensure you make the best out of client reviews?

In this article, we’ll go over how you can better manage online reviews and boost your positive reputation!

Why Should You Care About Your Online Reviews as a Healthcare Professional

Leveraging online reviews as a healthcare professional is essential in today’s digital age for several important reasons:

Patient Trust and Credibility

Positive online reviews build trust and credibility with prospective patients. When potential patients see that others have had positive experiences with you, they’re more likely to trust your expertise and choose you as their healthcare provider.

Patient Acquisition

Online reviews can be a really powerful tool for patient acquisition. Patients often search for healthcare providers online, and reviews can help you stand out from online competition. A robust online presence with positive reviews can attract new patients to your practice.

Transparency and Open Communication

Encouraging and responding to online reviews demonstrates transparency and a commitment to open communication. When you address patient feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, it shows that you value patient input and are willing to make improvements when necessary.

Improved Patient Experience

Monitoring online reviews can provide valuable insights into patient experiences and satisfaction. You can identify areas where your practice excels and where there may be room for improvement. This feedback can lead to enhanced patient experiences and better outcomes.

Competitive Advantage

A strong online reputation in a competitive healthcare market can set you apart from other providers. Patients often compare reviews when choosing a healthcare professional; a positive reputation can be a significant competitive advantage.

Referral Network

Positive online reviews can lead to more word-of-mouth referrals. When patients have a positive experience with you, they are more likely to recommend your services to friends and family. Online reviews serve as a digital version of word-of-mouth recommendations.

Educational Tool

Online reviews can educate patients about the types of services you offer, your approach to care, and your expertise. When patients share their experiences in reviews, it can provide valuable information for prospective patients.

Community Engagement

Engaging with online reviews and participating in healthcare discussions can help you become an active member of your online community. This can lead to increased visibility and trust within your local area.

Quality Improvement

Negative reviews can be an opportunity for quality improvement. Instead of viewing negative feedback as a setback, use it as a chance to identify and address issues within your practice. Demonstrating your commitment to improving can actually enhance your reputation.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Healthcare professionals must be mindful of legal and ethical responsibilities. Monitoring online reviews can help you identify any potential issues or violations that need to be addressed promptly.

In summary, leveraging online reviews as a healthcare professional is crucial for building trust, acquiring new patients, improving patient experiences, staying competitive, and maintaining a positive online reputation. 

It’s not just about marketing; it’s about delivering quality care and engaging with your patients in the digital age.

Top Sites to Leverage Your Online Reviews as a Healthcare Professional

As a healthcare professional looking to leverage online reviews, it’s important to be active on reputable review sites where patients commonly search for and leave feedback. 

Here are some of the top online review sites you should consider being on:

Google My Business

Google is one of the most widely used search engines, and many patients turn to Google for information about healthcare providers. Setting up and maintaining a Google My Business profile allows patients to leave reviews, and it prominently displays your practice information when people search for your services.


Healthgrades is a popular healthcare review platform that lets patients rate and review their healthcare providers. It’s highly regarded in the medical community, and having a presence on Healthgrades can be beneficial.


Zocdoc allows patients to find and book appointments with healthcare providers. It also includes patient reviews and ratings, making it important for healthcare professionals to claim their profiles and encourage patient feedback.


Yelp is a widely recognized review site that covers various industries, including healthcare. Many people consult Yelp for healthcare provider recommendations and reviews.


RateMDs is a website dedicated to rating and reviewing doctors and healthcare professionals. It offers a platform for patients to share their experiences with specific providers.


Vitals is another healthcare-specific review site where patients can find and rate doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers. It’s known for its comprehensive database of provider information.


WebMD offers a directory of healthcare professionals, and it allows patients to leave reviews and ratings. Being listed on WebMD can increase your online presence among patients seeking healthcare information.


Nextdoor is another platform worth considering, especially if you want to engage with your local community as a healthcare professional. Nextdoor is a neighborhood-based social networking platform where neighbors connect and discuss local topics, including recommendations for various services, including healthcare providers. 

When establishing a presence on these review sites, be sure to regularly monitor and engage with patient reviews, respond to feedback (both positive and negative), and maintain accurate and up-to-date practice information. 

Building a professional and strong online reputation takes time and effort, but it can be a great tool for attracting and retaining patients in today’s digital landscape.

How Can You Leverage Your Online Reviews to Boost Your Practice

Leveraging online reviews to boost your healthcare practice involves strategic actions aimed at maximizing the positive impact of patient feedback on your reputation and patient acquisition. Here are steps you can take to leverage your online reviews effectively:

Claim Your Profiles

Claim and optimize your profiles on major review sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, and others. Ensure that your practice information is accurate, including your contact details, office hours, and website.

Encourage Patient Reviews

Actively encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews. Consider incorporating this request into your post-visit communications, emails, or in-office signage. Make it easy for patients to find your profiles on review sites.

Respond to Reviews

Engage with both positive and negative reviews. Thank patients for their positive feedback, and respond professionally and empathetically to negative reviews. Show that you care about patient experiences and are committed to improving when necessary.

Monitor Reviews Consistently

Set up alerts or notifications to monitor new reviews as they come in. Respond promptly to any concerns or questions raised in reviews to demonstrate your commitment to patient satisfaction.

Share Positive Reviews

Showcase your positive reviews on your site, social media profiles, and in marketing materials. Highlighting patient success stories can instill confidence in potential patients.

Utilize Social Media

Share snippets of positive reviews on your social media platforms regularly. This not only serves as social proof but also increases your reach among your followers.

Implement Feedback

Use patient feedback, both positive and negative, as a tool for practice improvement. Address any recurring issues mentioned in reviews to enhance the patient experience.

Educate Patients

Provide educational materials or resources related to healthcare topics on your website or through email newsletters. This demonstrates your expertise and commitment to patient education.

Engage in Online Communities

Participate in online healthcare communities, forums, and social media groups related to your specialty. Offer helpful advice and insights to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Offer Telemedicine and Online Services

Consider offering telemedicine services and online appointment booking. Positive online reviews can help build trust in these digital healthcare offerings.

Run Online Advertising Campaigns

Invest in online advertising campaigns that highlight your positive reviews. Displaying star ratings and snippets from satisfied patients can attract more potential patients.

Request Video Testimonials

If possible, ask satisfied patients if they would be willing to record video testimonials. Video testimonials can be particularly compelling and can be shared on your website and social media.

Measure and Adjust

Track the impact of your efforts to leverage online reviews. Monitor changes in your online reputation, website traffic, and patient acquisition. Adjust your strategies as needed.

Comply with Regulations

Ensure that you comply with healthcare regulations and ethical guidelines when soliciting and sharing patient reviews. Protection of patient privacy and confidentiality at all times is paramount.

How Kiwi Health Can Help You Leverage Your Online Reviews 

Leveraging online reviews as a healthcare professional is vital for building trust, acquiring new patients, and enhancing your practice’s reputation. Positive reviews can set you apart from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent patient care. 

To make the most of online reviews, remember to actively encourage patient feedback, respond to reviews, and use them to improve your practice continuously.

Kiwi Health can be invaluable for healthcare practitioners looking to establish a strong online presence and get listed on popular review sites like Google, Yelp, and Nextdoor. 

Kiwi Health specializes in helping healthcare providers optimize their online presence. So start your journey today and see your positive reviews shine!

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