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Why Yelp Matters in Healthcare: A Guide to Local SEO and Patient Engagement

Why Yelp Matters in Healthcare: A Guide to Local SEO and Patient Engagement

By Kiwi Health

Published: Sep 22, 2023

Table of contents

Going through hundreds of directories is a thing of the past. No longer will people use a thick yellow book to look for a local business.

With online platforms like Yelp, which boasts around 265 million reviews to date, looking for a healthcare professional has become more convenient and efficient than ever before. 

These digital platforms offer many benefits when it comes to finding the right healthcare professional to meet the needs of local searches. 

From detailed information and patient reviews to appointment scheduling and community support, the process of selecting a healthcare provider from local search results has been transformed. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can use Yelp to manage your online medical listing and optimize your local SEO for healthcare.

What are the Main Features of Yelp for Healthcare Practices?

Yelp offers several features and tools specifically designed to benefit healthcare practices. These features can help healthcare professionals enhance their online presence, engage with patients, and improve their practice’s visibility. 

Here are some of the main features of Yelp for healthcare practices who want to consider Yelp as their local SEO strategy:

Business Listing

Healthcare practices can create a detailed business listing on Yelp, which includes essential information such as the practice name, address, phone number, website, and business hours. This listing serves as the foundation for your online presence.

Patient Reviews

Yelp is known for its review system. Patients can leave reviews and ratings for healthcare practices, sharing their experiences with others. Encouraging satisfied patients to leave positive reviews can boost your practice’s reputation.


With more patients preferring to send text messages, healthcare professionals can utilize this feature to communicate with their patients easily.

Yelp allows patients to send direct messages to healthcare practices for inquiries, appointment requests, or other communication. This feature facilitates easy and direct communication with potential patients.

Appointment Scheduling

According to a survey, patients want to schedule more online appointments than their phones.

Some healthcare practices can integrate appointment scheduling directly into their Yelp profiles. This makes it convenient for users to book appointments without leaving the Yelp platform.

Photos and Videos

Healthcare professionals can upload photos and videos of their practice facilities, staff, and services. Visual content provides potential patients with a glimpse of what to expect.

Specialties and Services

You can list the specific medical specialties and services your practice offers. This helps potential patients find the right healthcare provider for their needs.

Business Description

Healthcare practices can provide a detailed description of their practice, including their mission, values, and unique selling points. This helps you stand out and connect with potential patients on a personal level.

Q&A Section

Yelp has a Q&A section where patients can ask questions about your practice. Responding promptly and informatively can help build trust and transparency.


Yelp offers analytics tools that allow healthcare professionals to track the performance of their Yelp profile. You can gain insights into your user engagement, customer behavior, and the effectiveness of your online presence.

Ad Campaigns

While not a free feature, Yelp offers advertising options that allow healthcare practices to promote their profiles and reach a wider audience. This can be particularly useful for increasing visibility in competitive markets.

Online Community

Yelp fosters a community where users can discuss their experiences and share recommendations. Engaging with this community can help you build a positive online reputation.

Response to Online Reviews

Healthcare practices can respond to patient reviews on Yelp. Engaging with both negative reviews and positive ones demonstrates your commitment to patient satisfaction.

Why Should Healthcare Professionals Use Yelp for Local SEO?

Healthcare professionals should consider utilizing Yelp for local SEO ( Local Search Engine Optimization) for several compelling reasons:

Increased Online Visibility

Yelp is a popular platform that attracts millions of users searching for local services, including healthcare providers. Creating and optimizing a Yelp profile increases your online visibility and makes it easier for potential patients to find you.

Trust and Credibility

Yelp is known for its comprehensive review system. Positive reviews on Yelp can build trust and credibility for your practice. Prospective patients often rely on these reviews when making decisions about their healthcare providers.

Local Targeting

Yelp is a location-based platform. By optimizing your Yelp profile, you can target local patients who are actively seeking healthcare services in your area. This is especially beneficial for healthcare professionals looking to attract patients from their immediate community.

SEO Benefits

Optimizing your Yelp profile with relevant keywords, descriptions, and accurate business information can improve your local search rankings on search engines like Google. This means your practice will appear higher in search results when potential patients look for healthcare services in your vicinity.

Mobile Accessibility

Many people use Yelp’s mobile app to find local businesses, including healthcare providers, while on the go. Having a well-optimized Yelp profile ensures that mobile users easily discover your practice.

Detailed Information

Yelp profiles allow healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive information about their services, specialties, office hours, contact details, and more. This ensures that potential patients have access to all the necessary information when considering your practice.

Engagement and Interaction

Interacting with patients through Yelp by responding to reviews and messages can help build a sense of community and trust. Engaging with patients online can also demonstrate your commitment to their care.

Analytics and Insights

Yelp provides tools and analytics to track the performance of your profile. You can gain insights into how many clients engaged with your profile and understand the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts, allowing you to make data-driven improvements.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Creating and maintaining a Yelp profile is typically free. While Yelp offers advertising options, you can still benefit from the platform’s organic reach without spending on ads, making it a cost-effective marketing tool.

Competitive Advantage

Many healthcare professionals have embraced Yelp as a part of their digital marketing strategy. By optimizing your profile and actively engaging with patients, you can gain a competitive advantage in your local healthcare market.

Getting Started on Yelp with Kiwi Health

Yelp has evolved into a powerful platform for healthcare practices, offering a wide range of features to enhance their online presence and engage with potential patients. 

From creating detailed business listings and encouraging patient reviews to providing direct messaging and appointment scheduling, Yelp equips healthcare professionals with valuable tools to build trust, transparency, and visibility in their local communities.

However, managing local listings can be time-consuming, especially for busy healthcare practices. This is where third-party services like Kiwi Health come into play. 

Kiwi Health specializes in listing management and can significantly boost your local SEO efforts on platforms like Yelp.

Not only can it optimize your rankings on platforms like Yelp, but it can also provide you with a hyper-local SEO website. This custom website is designed to specifically target and capture local search traffic, making it easier for patients in your immediate vicinity to discover and connect with your healthcare practice. 

By combining accurate listing management with a hyper-local SEO website, Kiwi Health offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your online presence and strengthen your position in the local healthcare market.

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