Be in all the places your patients are
Kiwi partners with 50+ online Channels & Directories. With one click, we can extend your online presence so you are in all the places your patients are searching.
Be in all the places your patients are
Kickstart your growth step-by-step
Step 1
Target the right channels
Each channel has unique properties, so we start by understanding your business to select the best channels for your business, location, and specialties. Schedule a 30 minute discovery call to learn more!
Kickstart your growth step1
Step 2
One click to go-live
Kiwi can onboard your practice to all selected channels with the click of a button. We'll take care of the rest! Save time and effort with our Uniprofile™ and partnerships with channels & directories.
Kickstart your growth step2
Step 3
Schedule on your calendar
Keep all of your prospect communication and conversion in one place. For thosee who haven't booked with you, Kiwi's care coordination team can reach out within 5 minutes to complete your intake and schedule the appointment.
Kickstart your growth step3
Step 4
Continuously improve rankings
After your business is active on multiple channels, Kiwi will continuously optimize your practice profiles to regularly improve your rankings, reputation management, and visibility.
Kickstart your growth step4
We achieved amazing results for telemedicine, psychiatric, and therapy practices.
Total patient grown
client retention
Client’s average
return on investment
Client satisfaction
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